Fee Schedule

We collect any type of computer and electronic devices. Most items are collected free of charge, but we do charge for the following items:

CRT Monitors & Terminals$25
LCD Monitors & Terminals$20
CRT/LCD Televisions (27" and Smaller)$25
CRT/LCD Televisions (28" to 49")$40
LCD/Plasma Televisions (Over 49")$55
Wood Console and Projection Televisions$55
Full Size Copiers$65
Printers, Desktop Copiers, Scanners$5
Batteries - bulk container, not sorted, terminals not taped (per pound)$5
Laser Printer Toner Cartridges - new/used, separate units not installed in printer$1
Optional Services
Hard Drive Data Destruction$10
CD/Floppy/Magnetic Tape Data Destruction$1
All Other ElectronicsNo Charge*
Pickup and Travel Fees
Pickups within Portage, Wood & Marathon Counties$50 pickup fee
Pickups outside of those counties$75 per rolling hour

*Additional fees may be charged for devices containing freon, over-sized, or non-standard equipment.

Drop Off Location

By appointment only.

Midwest Computer Recyclers Warehouse
1626 W. Pearl Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481